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Nov 25, 2014
Category: General
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INFLUENTIAL Liberal senator Cory Bernardi wants all learner drivers to be taught how to handle a motorbike as well — even if they don’t intend to ride one.He called for this “really important step” to teach drivers the perils of the road for bikers, usually from cars and trucks.
Nov 18, 2014
Category: General
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The Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development has approved an amendment to Australian Design Rule (ADR) 42/04 to remove the requirement for rear mudguard extensions for motorcycles, though front and rear mudguards are still required.                                                  Requirements here....... http://www.mraqld.org/index.php/aust-design-rules-adr.html
Nov 10, 2014
Category: General
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A new section called Road Rules has been added to the index. There are upcoming changes to the road rules so please click on the link to follow these updates Thank You.
Nov 6, 2014
Category: General
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With the help of Moto GP champion Mick Doohan, we've released this video educating motorists on safely sharing the road with motorcyclists. Tips for sharing the road with motorcyclists include always checking your blind spots and mirrors, being aware motorcycles can accelerate quickly and giving them plenty of room. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6o8pr88sO4
Oct 31, 2014
Category: General
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Changes to motorcycle laws
The MRAQ wishes to advise all motorcyclists of the upcoming changes to the laws on Lane Filtering, Vehicle Control and Helmets as contained in the attached link.
The association has been been working on having these laws revised for a considerable time and it is pleasing to get a response that represents common sense.
It must be noted that these changes have not yet been enacted and that the current laws still remain until such time as they are.
We thank all of those that have supported the push for these changes and look forward to an ongoing effort to represent the rights of riders.

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The Motorcycle Riders' Association of Queensland Inc.(MRAQ)is the official voice of Queensland's road riding motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, scooters and trikes communities. With more than 186,193 motorcycles and scooters now registered in Queensland, it is imperative that these people are being properly considered as a legitimate part of the transport mix.

The MRAQ's primary role is to convey the road safety concerns and suggestions of the road/offroad motorcycles, scooter, trikes riding community to relevant government bodies and work with them to achieve the goal of improving motorcycle, scooter and trike safety. It also provides information from its work back to the riding community in order to facilitate the achievement of its objectives. The MRAQ has been representing Queensland motorcycle and scooter riders at the highest levels since 1982.

The MRAQ's objectives are to:

  • Promote road safety
  • Promote a better image for motorcycling
  • Work for fair and sensible legislation on behalf of all motorcyle enthusiasts
  • Participate in charitable and community service activities

MRAQ supports responsible, safe, yet enjoyable riding practices, and encourages on/off road motorcycle, trike and scooter riders to participate in advanced rider training and track days to safely develop their skills and experience safely in a non-public road environment.


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